Febe - Facebook Business And Marketing Tool

Guide about how to test the demo

Admin Part

Step 1
Click the login button.
Login with demo user account :
User : user@email.com
Password : 123456
Admin Account :
admin@email.com 123456
Or you can create an account to test.
To create an account click the register button to create new account
Remember if you create a new account to test then follow the rest of the steps otherwise you don't need to follow other steps
Login Register
Step 2
FeBe is SaaS version so you need to buy a package to use it.
Don't worry we have created also the free package so that you can test
After creating new account you will see Buy Package page.
Buy a package with demo card number : 4242 4242 4242 4242 and any month / date and CVC .
Or take the free package

Step 3
Go to
Settings > Software
You will see
Connect with Facebook
Click the button and connect with facebook to import your pages.
Step 4
Now read the documentation about details

User Part

*Click the button above to test on messenger

Read Full documentation here