Last updated: Aug 24, 2019


FeBe is Facebook Sells and Marketing Solution with Facebook messenger bot, mass messaging / campaign ,Customer chat in website feature and many more.

Be careful while editing the code. No support is provided for faulty customization.


Server Requirements

Before you install make sure your server meets the following Requirements

  • PHP 7.1.13+
  • MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB 10.0+
  • Intl PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension

You also need https ( SSL ) for messenger bot

Step One

Upload the zip file to your web server and extract it.

Step Two

Create a database and keep your database credentials. It will need when you will install the script.

Step Three

Now go to the URL where you uploaded it. You will see notification on the top of login page. Click install button it will navigate you to installation page

When you will be navigated to install page then you will see this

Click Check Requirements button . If everything ok then you will see like the image below

Click Check Permissions button . If the required permissions are ok then you will see like the image below.

Now click Configure Environment button . You will see like the image below.

Click the Form Wizard Setup button.

Type you App name and App URl and select the other settings then click the Setup Database button
You will see database setup wizard like this image .

Enter your database credentials and click the Setup Application button .

Setup your email client . Click on Mail then the mail settings will be appear. Put your email client credentials. Then click the Install button If your database credentials are correct and everything ok then you will see the successful installation window .

After installation go to login page . Default admin login credentials :
Email :
Password : 123456

Software Settings

Software settings will be found under ADMIN NAVIGATION section

Facebook Settings

Watch the video about how you can create facebook app and connect with the software

Full Configuration Tutorial

Here we made full video about installation , configuration , and other setup . Watch till the end. It will help you to understand full setup process

Add User

You can create new user form admin panel

User can also create a account form registration section

User List / User Management

From the User List section you can manage your users

You can delete and edit the users

You can export your users list as excel / csv file and also you can print your user list

All about package
Create Package

Packages are for subscriptions. Every user must have subscribed to use this software because FeBe is SaaS version.

Login with your admin account then you will see Packages menu under admin section You can create package from this section

Package List

You will find all available package you have created. You can delete and edit the packages as you want

Dashboard / Home

User and Admin have two different dashboard. When you will login with admin account you will see admin dashboard and when you will login with user account you will see user dashboard

Admin Dashboard

In the admin dashboard section you will see total registered users , count of total facebook page using in your software, count of total products added in your system , total order placed in your system.

You can see your earning state form subscription lifetime, monthly and weekly

You can also see all transaction of subscription and also you can export them as excel and csv format and there is also have an option to print the report

User Home

In user dashboard user can see the total sells, Total products , Total orders and total customers

User can also see the sales report and the package details and subscription remaining days


All about subscription

Buy Subscriptions

Buy subscription section where user can buy package for the subscription. Stripe payment system integrated here

My Subscriptions

User can find the packages he / she bought . Remember an user can buy one more packages the package duration will add to this existing package.

My Statements

User can see all the statements of transactions. Also user can search the statements and export the transaction report as excel and csv file also can print the report

Facebook Pages

In sidebar you will see section called Facebook Pages where you will see all you facebook page that have been imported form facebook when you connected with facebook through our script.

When you will click on the page you will see the options for the page like this

You will see Products Categories Shop Settings Bot Settings

Products You can see the products of the following page. You can edit and delete also
Category You can see the categories of the following page
Shop Settings You can see the shop settings of the following page
Bot settings By clicking Bot Settings button you will be redirected to Bot settings page.


In orders section user can see the pending orders placed from the facebook page. User can also manage the orders.

Order History

In order history section user can see his all completed / cancelled orders

Sells History

User can see all the transactions history

PayPal History

User can see all the PayPal transaction history


In this section people can add product category under the facebook page.

You need to clearly understand how category works.

Every Facebook page ( Facebook Shop ) should be some category and products will be added under those categories.

That means Facebook Page > Category > Product.